Practicing Outdoors



Hey everyone,

I'm completely new to AB and live in a one bedroom with the only window I can open being in my bedroom... My fiance won't be too keen on our bedroom becoming my practice space lol:livid:

I have a private entrance to my apartment with a patio space. I assume being able to AB outside would be fine, but I wanted to get some advice to the pros and cons to this. I haven't dove into the hobby yet and am wondering if my current living situation might not be the best for trying my hand at AB at this time.

Any advice is much appreciated.
Painting outside it great. But do it under an umbrella , One birds:D two easier on the eyes with you are painting on a white canvas in bright sun light.
Other than weather it is fine.
Now I would not try to do motorcycle or automotive parts outside just do to everything in the air. But I have done some signs outside that came out nice.
As long as the wind isnt blowing too bad lol. I have painted mail boxes outside, and they turned out just fine :)
my comp piece and most of the collective piece where done outside, under a very large umbrella :)
I still have to set up air hoses to get to my room, in the mean time I will be using my scuba tank inside
hey bro as long as your painting! if your gonna be painting on a deck patio its a good idea to have some kind of throw rug under your working space towel or something.