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Here are my practice pieces. Let me know what you think.


are you moving just your hands when you draw the lines? when yes use the complet torso like a machine or robot .. feel the flow
i try to do that so slowly i can, after a while starts a process in your brain called automatism. i use that technic for all, at the end you will see.. the dagger stroke is a joke .. i hate this before .. i was TOOOOOOO fast doing that.. you are not mitch,you are dylan,that forget the most people,his hands and mind know what to do, but thats training like crazy,what you will and your hands do whit the gun .. is mostly not the same,so do it slowly and again slowly you will see after a while you do the lines over the complet paper without thinking like chu chu chu in seconds!

hope it helps you :)
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Yeah, I moving my shoulders and hands like Mitch has talked about. I'm just practing to get better control of the airbrush. I can feel myself getting better and better, I have been doing alot better job of controlling my paint flow as well. The dagger storks I have been doing pretty well with, I'll post some of those practice sheets and would appreciate some critiquing.

Id like some thoughts on my blending lines, I think I know what I need to do fix my mistakes.
Hi Dylan - mate i'm impressed - just to give you a bit of background on these exercises - the reason they're so helpful is not only because you're practising the basics, but because there's only a handful of mistakes or improvements that people can make. They're basic exercises and airbrushing doesn't get any harder than this.
so to critique:
You're dots are perfect. These dots show us that you're double actioning correctly - always keeping the air down whilst airbrushing. that's exactly what we want to see.
Your lines are perfect. They demonstrate that you are moving before airbrushing your line and you're continuing to move after you finish your line. They also show correct double actioning. Your bottom line shows a blob on the left hand side and these are what we look for - it shows that you weren't moving but instead started airbrushing first - bad practise. This line is the only one not perfect and i can see you were moving through your other lines as they are all perfect lines.
Your blends are impressive. These are very difficult to master as i'm sure you're finding out but either you have a good camera or you're doing the blends really well. Obviously the first 2 blends looked a little streaky, this just comes from lifting up to fast and not blending it enough, but i don't see those same streaks in the rest of your blends.
From what i can see you're doing all of the actions correctly - the only thing i'd like to see is you practise more of what you're doing and aim to get lighter and lighter results.
The lighter you can do these effects - the better your control.
thanks for posting them up mate this is going to help alot of people :)