Prep help for lycra/UnderArmor material and Wrestling Singlets



Has anyone here ever done any of these before? Any advice is appreciated. I have some ideas of what to do based on painting shirts but not too sure due to the very elastic and stretchy tolerances of Lycra/spandex type of materials. These will be used on the mat for wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
I think the painting and prep are about the same but the heat set might be different. I use 375 for 30 seconds on cotton/poly shirts, I think I would lower that heat and the time If I was to do one of these, I have painted on one just messing around but didn't heat set it and a lot of the color washed out. Let us know if you come up with a magic formula!
Thanks for your input rdawk. I was thinking heat setting would be way too risky with the lycra and will try some light coats of Krylon clear. I am thinking it should bond and protect to the polyester. I am going to get some cheaper off brand lycra shirts first and wear them to my jiujitsu classes. Rolling/wrestling in there with them on should be a good test for durability. I am may do another with the Golden top coating....GAC 900 or something like that. Not sure of the name off hand. Aiming for sunday to do some spraying and go from there.