Prepairing to use HOK.



Anyone have a decent starting place for a newbie wanting to use HOK paints and clears? is 1:1 good enough or have to go thinner? 25 or 50psi as a place to start? Im using a neo for iwata gravity fed, Looking to upgrade to a iwata ??? soon, I really just want to spray good clean even base coats. suggestions for an upgraded airbrush would be good too.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.
Are you using a full sized spray gun, or your airbrush? HOK is usually 2 parts paint to one part reducer, for a spray gun or even a touch-up or mini spray gun. For spraying through an airbrush, it's usually one to one to start. Read up on the line of paints you have. I just google searched the HOK Shimmerin tech sheets for this info.

I would go with what the tech sheet recommends to start and see if you like it. If it seems o.k. to you, run it. If not, play around with mixtures a little at a time.