Preparing BMX/rollerblade helmet?



I'll be using Createx Wicked paint and was wondering what sort of prep do i need to do to airbrush a plain black matt helmet.

My thinking was to just wash it and then paint, but thought i would ask here first.

Do I need to use adhesion promoter or a primer or can i just lay a base layer of paint. I am assuming as its a matt helmet i wont need to sand this correct?

Many thanks.

PS. Just incase it helps...its the black version of this helmet:
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from my understanding of the process:

adhesion promoter/primer
base coat (optional)

but I would like that confirmed by our learned friends :)
cool sounds like i now have everything i need to get started.

thankfully its only a tiny project as i am still a airbrush noob.

Flycatcher hit it on the nose ,
The base coat would be needed because we don't know what kind of paint was used on your helmet .
You can't paint water based paint over oil it will not bond and peel off badly .
So if you are unsure always prime it cant hurt.
I would add a few more steps to Flys process:
clean with wax and grease remover
scuff with red scotchbrite pad
clean with wax and grease remover
wipe with tack cloth
spray adhesion promoter
spray Auto Air Sealer white or Sealer dark
smooth Sealer with 600 grit dry paper
clean with wax and grease remover or mineral spirits
spray a base coat color if needed
airbrush your artwork
2k clear
JT's process is identical to what I do, IF it has a good basecoat on it already, not need to use the Auto Air Sealer, at least I never do, others may see differently. If the base is good, I use all of Fly's and JTs steps excluding the Auto Air Sealer, then just shoot what base color I want and clear
If you sand the helmet you do not need adhesion promoter primer does the same function keep it simple

scuff with red scotch brite pad
clean or wipe with tack cloth
spray Primer or Sealer
smooth Sealer with 600 grit dry paper
spray a base coat color if needed
airbrush your artwork

2k clear
As its a Matt helmet once i scuff and then paint will i not have areas around the design that will look a bit naff.

I dont really have a design at the moment but it will be some sort of lettering and maybe some sort of logo/symbol once my 4 yr old picks one out.

does this mean i will have to scuff an area and then clear coat the whole helmet? i'm hoping not as i like the matt look :)

PS...where in the UK do you buy Red Scotch Brite Pads? or is the an alternative that does the same job?
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Keep it simple rule if you have sanded it down wipe it clean so there is no dust or residue....then apply a light coat of primer , primer is designed to fill any irregularities and act like a bonding agent.
If you are happy with the surface after the first light coat go ahead and apply you base color (make sure you have proper primer coverage all over the helmet)
If you feel it is a bit rough give it a very light sand with some very light sandpaper wipe down and apply another light coat of primer.
If you are happy after that ... base coat away
Hope this helps
Question on the 2k Clear. I've never used it and I know you puncture or something to release the activator. Question is, how long does the can last or usable after it's activated? Or is it a one project use?

Guess I should've asked also, do you guys used the aerosol can or the regular set and used a gun?
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I spray my 2k through a gun it's cheaper to buy in bulk in the long run :)

Just a noob in a world of pro's.
A question about auto-air base coat, am I right in assuming this can be sprayed using my regular AB?
Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread.

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hmm never even looked at 2K clear....was planning on using spray can clear.

This: Plasti-kote Super Spray Paint Gloss Clear Acrylic 400ml, 0071915011382

also using primer and adhesion promoter from Plasti-kote and only airbrushing the detail.

Finding red scotch brite pads around here is a pain as half the ppl i talk to have no idea what i am talking there an easy to find alternative perhaps?
Amazon only has one return on the search but i was hoping to go and get rather than wait for the post.

Thanks for the help all.