Prepping plastic for paint??



I have not got my airbrush yet but want to get some questions out the way so i can get rolling when i do get it. I also will be painting a Gaming controller with regular spray paint and one with an airbrush so i can see the differenc.

I have read and seen videos of different ways people prep plastic for painting and want to see if im on the right track or missing a step or something..

My steps would be this:

1. Wash thoroughly with soap and water
2. Take a 3M Scotch pad to scuff up the plastic (now question on this, My controller is originally black and its what i will be using for my base coat, so after i take the pad to it, will i have to give it a Black base coat again or can i still use the original paint on it? will scratches show up from the 3M pad??) make sense??
3. Some people say to take degreaser and clean off the plastic. (necessary?)
4. get parts completely dry
5. apply my paint mask (using simple positive mask for this project)
6. apply Adhesion Promoter (is this needed when using airbrush paint?)
7. apply coats of paint
8. peel off mask
9. apply seal

do these steps sound about right for either painting method?

Definitely degrease, and you will need the Adhesion promoter. The basecoat won't bond to plastic and could peel off later. The promoter bonds chemically, and then paint will stick to that. You could probably airbrush directly onto the plastic, but without the promotor ,the clear will probably peel or flake off. I've not painted controllers before, so someone else may know better, but when painting plastic motorcycle parts I always use adhesion promotor.
Follow squishy. I would use the adhesion promoter before applying your mask though. That way when you remove it, that area will also have been prepped, so when you do clear it will stick tot hat area as well.

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What type of degreaser would u recommend?

And I was unsure If i should do the adhesion promoter prior to the mask, the only reason I was thinking to not do it is because it calls for you to spray your first coat within minutes of your last coat of adhesion promoter. I am worried applying mask and all that might take longer and ruin the point of the promoter

Thoughts on that?
antysilicone degreaser , before start, clean your hands and elements by antisilicone , after spray adehesion promoter , spray the acrylic primer on element , it save adhesion promotor
Bulldog, duplicolor, HOK has one.

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