Press down and paint comes out without pulling back....



brand new paasche talon..... .66 tip needle ect. how come sometimes when im airbrushing i can press down and paint will still shoot out without even pulling back on the handle??? what can be done to fix this???
It could be that there is some dry paint already on the side of the nozzle so the needle cant sit correctly in the nozzle. If it is ok and then suddenly happends while painting, you can try this.
Aim your gun away on a piece of cardboard or just in the air if you paint somewhere where it does not matter if paint is flying through the air. Then losen the needle placement screw and pull it back
and give the gun a few good blasts with paint. Put the needle back and see if it works again.
Try tightening the spring of the needle rocker (turning the knob clockwise while lightly pushing the needle to the front of the gun)). What kind of jet comes out? Steady or spattering or at an angle (relative to the airbrush center line)? If one of these things is happening it is not the needle improperly seated in the nozzle and there may be several options why the Talon is misbehaving.
Needle may not have seated when you put it in. Slide needle in until it bottoms out in the nozzle and give the needle a turn before tightening the chuck.
Perhaps you don't push the trigger all the way forward before letting off with the air. Common error.
I was going to buy a paasche talon before reading a lot of reviews and decided not to, too many people complained the needle is not centered cause the spray nozzle hole is off center from factory, I read a lot of reviews and I mean a lot and it kept on coming up people not happy with this AB, I bought a Devilbiss Dagr instead. Almost a year later I got a Badger Krome and wish I would have got a Krome from the start. Anything goes wrong and I know its me, best money I've spent in Airbrushing.
I used to have excellent experience with Paasche airbrushes, in particular the V#1 that was my first airbrush. The old generations - from before 1995 - were amazing guns, but at some point it seems the machining (milling) and material choice of Paasche deteriorated. From a nostalgic mindset I bought a modern V#1, but got disappointed. The paint cup's stub was too long and obstructed the needle, which should be matter that had to be sorted out during quality control. But it was worse to find under the microscope that the needle and nozzle were not properly aligned (as Mega already pointed out). Most problems with airbrushes can be amended, but not if needle and nozzle don't align correctly. The old generation Paasche V#1 also had an adjusting wheel in front of the trigger, which I found useful; the new generation do not have this. I think Paasche is focused too much on cost reduction, while not paying enough attention to quality control.