Pressure Problems



i have a 40 psi compressor and have the hose connected right to the regulator which connects to the compressor, not a tank. I set the regulator to about 15 psi then i turn it on and it builds pressure to 40 psi then when i press trigger it goes to what i set it at. i need a solution because when i press trigger more air is released than needed until it gets down to set psi. Anything will help. Thanks
add a second regulator then dial it down to desired psi and bam you should be good to go :0
I also have the same problem but am fixing to buy a second regulator myself
I had a problem where the regulator would slowly climb higher than the pressure I set it to. But when I pressed the trigger it would give a quick burst and settle at the set pressure.I just replaced the regulator and it is fine again.
If your trying to get a spraying pressure of 15 psi you will need to adjust your regulator while pressing for air (the regulator will probably be set around 18 - 20 psi) the smaller single piston compressors can be a bit "finicky" trying to set the PSI to what you want it to be... The second regulator would help with setting it. What type/model of compressor is it? 40PSI sounds like the maximum PSI setting.