Pro-Colour Paint Opinion Please.


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Good morning Everyone. When I ordered my fist set of airbrush paint, I had no idea what I was doing, at all, none haha. I picked up a set of Pro-Colour Opaque Primary. It didn't come with a reducer, so I made my own. It seems to work, but I have no frame of reference. Does anyone have any experience with this paint?

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Never heard of it... quite possibly el cheapo. If it is water based then water is a safe reducer.
It is a product from Harder & Steenbeck. You see it used in the Airbrush Step-by-step magazine demos.
I have some at home and use them from time to time. Used them on paper and on a wall (3 years ago and they are still good without any varnish on them). I don't buy them usually but the ( a bit older ones) work quite good. I reduce them just with water and you can use them at 0.15 nozzles without problem. Good colors overall, although my experience is just a frequently user one.

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Thanks for the info. They seem fine to me. The White is thought to get right, but I gather that's the case with a lot of White colour.

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