Probably asked before blue glow in white



Hi brothers and sisters

Sorry it's probably asked before but i couldn't find it in the forum.
What is the best way to get rit of the blue glow, when corecting black on a white background with white.
For starters you will never match the white of the original white background again. You can always just ad a small, and I mean really small, amount of orange to the white. Or even a very light grey with a hint of orange. Orange is the complimentary colour of blue which you are trying to get rid off. If it is too orange, and you go over it with the white, that looks like blue, it should be okay, untill you go too far again and you have to begin with orange again.
What I have done before is dust the entire surface with the white. It gives a uniform base that way. Then go back in and re do the dark areas. This makes the blue shift seem to disappear because now the whole surface has it. No more contrast of the warmer paper to the blueish white paint. You can also add a drop or two of blue to your black so that it also has a blue shift in it. It lessens the effect of the blue shift if you take away some of the contrast.
I actually use paynes grey instead of black just for this reason.
I always use Paynes grey, so don't notice the blue shift and it seems to give a 'richer' black look. Take a look at my recent cat, all done with Paynes grey and white :)
I've tried the orange allready. It didn't worked out that great for me. Dusting the entire work with white did give me a better result. The paynes grey method will be my next experiment.
BTW, that's a real nice cat.

Thanks all for your quick help.