Problem with brand new airbrush spattering.



Hey guys,

So my new iWata eclipse HC-S just arrived, and only having done some REALLY basic airbrushing before dived into using it today.
Now the reason why i bought the Eclipse rather than using the airbrushes i had before hand was for this very reason, thinking buying a quality airbrush would fix these common problems, but i've yet to see it do any different.

So i had a have done project of flames on an xbox controller, now i got to a point where, it literally looks like S*&^ because of so much overspray spatter. I just dont understand, i tried thicker paint, thinning it, a high pressure, and a lower pressure, and it just won't solve itself. I watched the airbush tip as i sprayed some into the air that when i push down first, then release paint, it sprays but as its spraying it seems to build some kind of small droplet on the top of the needle which basically the front of the droplet sprays out and the paint following out then builds up the back of the droplet keeping it there, if you get what i mean./

Whether that has something to do with the problem im just not sure, but by the end of it i felt so unmotivated and it looked like crap i just glossed it and left it, its literally unusable, imagine if i was doing some fine work on a face or something, i'd never get it nice because of stupid overspray.

Any ideas guys?



PS: Im using createx opaque colours.
think your talking about tip dry, and i know you have tryed thicker/thinner paint, higher/lower pressure. white is a bit tricky, they have detail white in the wicked range. when doing detail work you may want to take the aircap off, cause even when your doing it right you'll need to pinch off that build up on the needle,every ten or fifteen seconds. it is just from the high airflow low paint flow .
My thoughts are: maybe your nozzle cap isn't sealed and this is messing up with the air pressure that is supposed to be generated around the nozzle so your are getting paint drip out and splatter?! i had to seal mine yesterday, what i did was cut a thing slither of thread tape and wrap it around the threads where you screw the nozzle cap on to seal it. Try it just to see if it helps?


Have you got moisture in your compressor tank and in your airflow? is yes, just empty the water out your tank and moisture trap.
It could be whats mentioned above m8 (A bad or loose seal), but for me it kinda sounds like when your finishing your stroke the wet paint that's left on the tip is still there when you re-introducing your air..This could possibly be causing your spatter issues....After you stop your stroke and then want to continue-Always point away from the work when you re-introduce your airflow to avoid blowing this wet build up of paint onto what your working on..On my vids and I'm sure many others you'll notice we always spray into our hand or the backing board when we re-start the air as this will happen with any gun...Doesn't occur all the time, especially if you don't stop the air immediatly when you finish your stroke, keep the air on as the ol saying goes cause this helps dry that paint out that may be on the tip and reduces the chance of spatter when you re-start, and its def easier to just pick of that dry paint that it is to fix any spatters...GL M8..
I'm with all of the suggestions above. Are you thinning the opaques out much? these paints are the thickest of thick paints you likely need to thin them out a bit. 15-20% - also are you double actioning correctly? if you're releasing the air-flow before you release for paint then this will cause splatters. sounds more like the paint though. Have a go at sealing your tip with teflon tape or plumber's sealant. hope this helps