Problem with H&S Infinity



Hello y'all!

I'm having some problem with my H&S Infinity. My Iwata Eclipse HP_CS is working "perfectly" (not really, allmost) but my infinity is acting strange.
I found a video on youtube that describes my problem.
I guess it's my compressor (Iwata Silver jet) that can't keep the high pressure the airbrush needs.

It looses pressure and I can't draw a line, it's all just dots.
Is it as I suspected?
The strange thing is, I hear no drop in PSI. It sounds like seems like a leak where the head assembly meets the body.
I have had this once or twice that my head assembly wasn't fully seated.

Are you getting any bubbles feeding back into the cup?
Are you getting any paint leaking into the head assembly?
No, no bubbles or paint leaking.
No thin lines, only dots. Flows a little better when I take the needle out.
It really sucks when you buy expensive equipment that you can't use.
Busted nozzle? or clogging would be my guess.

I agree PSI doesn't drop so the air supply is good
No, no bubbles or paint leaking.
No thin lines, only dots. Flows a little better when I take the needle out.
It really sucks when you buy expensive equipment that you can't use.

Some dried piece of paint flapping in the nozzle maybe. It's more likely to get obstructed with the needle in.
I have had that happen before. I put a wooden toothpick in my drill chuck and sanded it to a finer taper that could fit in the nozzle(may be a bitch with the .15 nozzle).
Do you have the 2 in 1 where you can try the other needle/nozzle set?
That is why I keep spares, at least I can test with another one to keep my sanity. :)
At first hand it flows then it stops. My guess is dirt in the nozzle or a bended needle.
I had some problems with the infinty too, but after i polished the needle on a wetstone the sun was shining again.
i agree with the above no drop in the pressure,also no sound from the trigger.or do you hearsound from the trigger?also i agree that the most probable problem is clogg trick is to push up the the pressure, fill with water the cup and shot all the way back,then i place my finger tip on the nozzle and create bubbles to clean up the tip.i tell you this because is a lot of noise you are creating with the infinity,mine doesn´t make that amount of noise!

hope this helps!!!
Thanks for all the replies ya'll!

Ok, first off I broke my nozzle. There fore I bought a new one. Still problems. And I have a new needle.
I have the 2 in 1. I use the right nozzle-head. When I use the wrong one no paint comes out of the gun and there is a lot of bubbles in the cup. That problem I figured out :)

It's the same problem when I use water, but not really as bad as When I use paint.
It really feels like the compressor is too weak. For an example; When I use my Iwata Eclipse HP-CS there is a steady airflow, with a "lot" of sound and air-pressure. You can clearly feel the air-pressure when you press the trigger and shoot air into, let's say my hand.
But the airflow in the infinity feels weak. It's "good" pressure for the first second when I push the trigger, then it suddenly drop.

The only thing I haven't tried is another compressor.
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Your infinty didnt come with a H&S MAC valve fitted did it?


Thats the bit outlined on this evolution (bit hard to see but is below airbrush body and above where hose is fitted and has indents and can be turned to increase/decrease air pressure).

Just a thought.
The airflow on my infinity sounds less than say on my HP-bcs so I wouldnt worry about that. If you damaged your nozzle then you have probably damaged your needle as well. I always replace both (think matched set!). Maybe you should try soaking everything in a cleaning solution for a couple of hours. I have heard acetone is good but I wouldnt like to immerse any rubber seals in that. I have used the createx airbrush restorer but was not keen on it due to the fact it does not seem to disolve paint rather than soften it and that can cause havov with blocking the nozzle even more. I ended up using uro solvent on my Infinity as I had no acetone.

Hope this helps
I have replaced both nozzle and needle. I really dont Think it's any Paint in the nozzle or damaged needle.
There is no macvalve on the airbrush. There is a quick-connector on the airbrush, I have tried without it and with Another hose.

Does anyone use the 2 in 1 infinity with an Iwata silver jet?

I can hear the pressure drop after about one second.
You guys rock! a lot of love to each and every one of You.
The silver jet comp is too small for the job I reckon. Just looked at some specs and jeez!
No tank, 0.33 cfm, adjustable working pressure of between 10 and 18 psi. This is, in my opinion, only useful for blowing ballons up at a party (slowly).
I think we have a classic case of pulsating here. This is where there isnt a smoothed and regulated supply of air supplied by a small storage tank and once the charge (hower small) that bulids up in the pipework and moisture trap is gone it is fed directly by the piston, diaphragm or whatever leading to pulses of air being delivered because the compressor cannot deliver!

What a fool I am for not seeing this earlier it was only when I looked the specs of the comp up that the penny dropped as I had the same problem with my first comp!!! Not tank = trouble!!! A tank doesnt even have to be large it just has to be there! So long as the comp can keep ahead of demand and you have a small resevoir (tank) pulsation doent happen.

Sorry to bring bad news!
As I suspected then. No need to struggle with it then. My Eclipse HP-CS works Okay with the comp, even though I can't airbrush for long periods of time.
the Infinity was designed to be a sort of "HVLP" airbrush, especially with the heads for the smaller tips. I'm guessing your compressor simply can't keep up with the Infinities air demands. The HP-CS likes a higher pressure, normally, but uses less volume, which is why that brush works better, at least for a while.

Unless you absolutely need a silent compressor, any "airbrush" compressor is just an over-priced air compressor. One from any hardware or tool store will work just as well (usually better), and cost half as much. There is absolutely zero difference between an "airbrush" compressor, and any other air compressor. Besides the inflated price tag, anyway.

My advice would be to get a compressor with 1-2hp, and at least a 3-5 gallon holding tank. This will be more than your airbrush will need, which is good. Also, I recommend staying away from "oilless" compressors. They're loud, hot, inefficient, and put a lot of moisture into your air system. The 3 minutes of inconvinience to change 1/2 cup of oil a couple times a year is well worth it to me.