problem with new micron cm-sb?



Just received my new Micron CM-SB (brought from Chicagoairbrushsupply) and when i opened up the case, noticed that there were a couple of things that worried me.
1) there was a bit of dried up paint residue on my needle.
2) took of the crown cap and looked down the airbrush. I pulled back the trigger and instead of the needle going completely straight back, the point of the needle ended up in the lower left of the nozzle. I thought that the needle would be set in the middle of the nozzle.
3) the fluid head nozzle base and the spring guide were both tightened so much i could not unscrew it.

So i called up Anest Iwata-Media in Portland, OR and asked the technician if these "problems" were normal.

His response to my problems were:
1) "the airbrush are always tested before they are shipped. Maybe the airbrush wasnt properly cleaned". (But then where is that sheet of paper with the spray pattern? Dont they always include the spray pattern with every airbrush to prove that the product is ok?)
2) "the needle ending up in that position is normal"
3) "sometimes the parts are overtightened. You can use some electrical tape and wrap the tape around the pliers teeth to protect the airbrush. Then use the pliers to unscrew the head nozzle base. (WTH, is that an acceptable answer from a Quality assurance point of view. What happens if i did try that and screw up my new and expensive airbrush, will they replace it?? Highly doubt it)

Please tell me what you think. Am i being too anal? Do i have a right to complain? Any help would be appriciated. I havent even the chance to try out the airbrush. Kinda worried/pissed off.
Was it not maybe a unit that was returned by a previous client.? Mine was clean, had the test sheet, and everything that could screw in or out could easily do that. I don't know about the needle running center as it works 100% and I have had no reason to investigate. I think Ferret also has the centering and no test sheet issue. I also think he bought from Chicago but I did not.
Okay nothing to worry about.. IWATA test all their micron prior to boxing, it is Com-art (made by them) and some times there is a little dried paint left in them. just give it a good cleaning and paint on.

As far as over tightened,, everything on a Micron is finger tight... you should never have to use pliers to loosen or tighten them. Yes the rear handle can be a little tight just use more muscle..

When you first get any airbrush you must seat the needle , most makers pull them back just a tad to protect the needle during shipping..
My Iwata needle was fully seated when i bouth it at Hobby Lobby but my Sotar was retracted when it arrived.
Mmmm that would annoy me personally, its fine that they test them, actually its great that they assure the product is working, but to leave a gun dirty with any paint is in my mind unacceptable..No matter how little it may be. How long ago cld it have been tested, how long has it sat in there??? All questions that I would want to know on such a pricey product.. Its kinda like buying a brand new car and the dealer decided to have a smoke as he drove it to the dealership and didn't bother cleaning out the ashtray and left it smelling like smoke LOL..

Any manufacturer to send out a high end product with parts done up to the point of actually a rep suggesting you grab out a pair of pliers would immediately see me saying some nasty words and sending it back straight away..Could it be this hard to undo because of all that dried paint??? Would they warranty it if you accidently squash the head trying to take it off or snap it...Mmmm I wonder.

The needle aspect, well I believe from what I've read in the past is as Herb says, most guns will come shipped with the needle loose but I still find it strange a microns set up that way, but perhaps thats what they find works the best, offset needles just don't make sense for me..If thats indeed how they are set up..

I don't think your being anal with your issues, they are fair thoughts and honestly if I bought such with similar issues it would be sent home again..I have nothing but respect for Iwatwa and seen heaps of awesome work done with them but for me thats a bit nasty on such an expensive gun..Try another rep perhaps and rediscuss your issues, if they do tell you to get the pliers out again, ask them to note the call as if the gun is damaged when you do unloosen it you want some kind of record that it isn't your fault...Good luck
If you really want to ask question from someone with a lot of knowledge call Dave Monnig at coast airbrush.. talk to either him or Ryan.
But when I bought my micron cm-c+ it had paint residue in it and the test card to show the pray pattern.
The needle was set back just a tad and the rear handle was really tight, but being heavy handed anyway I was able to unscrew it with no problems.
1-888-KOLOR-IT (888-565-6748) .
Also record you talk if you call Chicago Air or Iwata themselves and let them know you are recording it. That way you have the proof your self and not just leaving it up to them.
The electrical tape thing is for when you first remove the head unit I think so that might be what he was telling you about. If you were trying to take the nozzel out it might have been thread sealed into the head unit. I've heard of them doing that. They intend for the hole head unit and not the nozzle be removed for cleaning. The nozzel is aligned with the head at the factory. I'm not saying that's the problem with yours just indicating a possible miscommunication.

The lack of test sheet would concern me because they are supposed to be in with new higher end iwatas. My two highlines even came with them. That would cause me to get on the horn with the retailer and ask them to replace it. At their cost for the shipping.

Although if you clean it up how does it spray for you?

Thanks for all the response. I called my friend who is also an airbrusher last night and with his help we were able to unscrew the parts without any damage done. Had a little time before he left to test out the airbrush. Put some etac paint in, setto low psi and started to spray. The airbrush is running like i would expect it to run, very smooth and responsive. I am fairly impress with the airbrush.
I havent had the time to call chicago airbrush last night but will intent to call them today. Has anyone have any problems with the retailer?
Thanks again for replies to this post
so that's two microns from Chicago with out a test paper and a needle that is not centered. the centering part im told is not that much of an issue i was under the idea that at 425 usd i would be buying a PRECISION AIRBRUSH with a matched head assembly which means some technician some where would be looking at my gun under a magnifier and custom figuring the needle and nozzle and making sure the needle does NOT!!ride down the side of the nozzle as it seems to do in all my brushes. i would also have thought that it would make a difference when you start talking of an air brush you want to spray micro lines what ever they mean by micro im not sure im lucky to get hair line that is taking a strand of my hair and taping it to a piece of paper that is a hair line a micro line should be finer. as for the head to tight i haven't tried to un screw it as for the matched fluid head apparently it doesn't include the needle. as for my actual opinion of the micron yes its light, yes it responds well, yes its easy and fast to change color cups and clean. no it does not out do the infinity yes i should have saved a couple of dollars and bought another infinity i would have bought the cr pluss so i would not wear through the chrome so fast lol. next time i buy something expensive il go to coast live and learn

the needle in the i infinity is extremely fragile. you can bend it by taking it out of the tube wrong, that's why i joke around about if you look at it wrong it will bend. i have had succes at straightening them with a magnifying loop on a mount and holding the gun in one hand and tweezers in the other. I have noticed with a fresh needle and nozzle and the paint just right the infinity will out d the micron no two weeks il get my tax return im thinking of getting a krome il have Dave look it over before it ships if it blows my mind il put the micron up for sale, Bad for iwata
I think I would send it back. I have two Iwata hp-cs airbrushes, both from different retailers (neither of them coast), they are obviously waaaay cheaper and lower spech, but both came with test sheets, both were immaculate, both were set up beautifully and worked like a dream, and even with my puny little fingers I was able to undo everything by hand with a bit of effort.I may be wrong, but it doesn't seem right that the level of care would not be there in the more expensive brushes. I would wonder if they were returns, or refurbished etc, which is fine as long as you know that is what you are buying, and the price reflects that. Not that I'm saying Coast have done that, it may be they got a bad batch, or their supplier is at fault, or some other reason. But after spending all that money, enough bells would be ringing for me to send it back.

From what I have heard, the guys at Coast are a good lot, and I'm sure they want you to be happy, so I would definately speak to someone.
I think I would run it if it is spraying the way it should working great has superb atomization then run it in the time you spend nit picking it you could paint some thing really cool.
they were from chicogo not coast two different places and the thing about what strictly said my micron does spray fine although some times it sprays a bit spotty like almost a fine spatter maybe il take a pic but i doubt itl come out. its hard to say if its working properly iv never used a micron i dont know how it should be working maybe il send it into iwata if its goofed up they will fix it free it would suck to return a $425 dollar brush chicigo said they don't accept returns i would have top send it in to iwata on the west coast so Chicago couldn't be re selling a return even the local art suppliers around here don't accept returns on used equipment
i got the chance to call up Chicago airbrush today. They assured me that they dont sell reburished or used product and only ship out new items. They contact iwata media in Portland and have forward me an RMA if i want to get the airbrush looked at for any reason.
I also talked to an iwata tech. He says he stands behind their airbrushesand if there are any concerns, he suggest to send the product in for an inspection.

I feel a little more secure and more assure now. They say that each brush is tested to see if everything is ok before shipping, but i wasreally worried to see some paint residue along the needle shaft. Plus the fact that a couple of parts were very overtightened.

The airbrush does feel very nice though from using it a short period last night.
hopefully i have time to play around with more today. Im sorry if i sound too sensitive but this is one of the more expensive purchases for a hobby. I spent a lot of money on this and i just want things to be "perfect" or at least closeto perfect. I do want to say that both Chicago airbrush and Iwata reps were helpful.
the iwata rep was helpful and said to send in the gun if i had questions Chicago said we don't except returns second reason why im going to coast from no on. the gun itself does work very well just wanted every thing perfect I was hope ing the day it arrived to see a little horse and carriage pull up at the house and two little ferrets in little ferret tuxedos with top hats and monocles to get out, role out the wee red carpet and hand deliver it to the door lol (hey there's an idea)
Apologies, I misread Chicago and said Coast - dumb blonde,(even though I'm not actaully blonde) no sleep, cranially challenged, oldtimer moment. Hope I didn't offend. If it works as expected and you are happy with the result then it's all good. I'm not sure I would know what level of performance it should be not ever having used one, so for me personally if I had doubts I would return it. But that's just my inexperience I guess, you guys know better than me, (thank god or we would all be up a certain creek without a paddle LOL!)