problem with velocity


Air-Valve Autobot!
This is a problem iv long suspected. but i noticed last night while switching back and fourth between krome and velocity there definitely is a difference between the two triggers, i noticed as suspected ever since i accidentally left wicked black reduced slightly with alcohol over night iv had some issue with this gun at first it was paint passing behind the Teflon bearing and that problem still happens once in a while the paint actually got all over the air valve i disassembled it and cleaned it.but the problem is that the airflow is definitely restricted some were its not in the hold down ring before the cap and i don't believe its in the air valve. the only thing i can think of is replacing the air valve hold down ring and cap with the ones from the krome and see what happens it is slightly possible that paint got into the air channel and if it was wicked it wont come out unless mechanically or chemically removed any way i suppose it wouldn't harm the new krome if i removed the air valve and hold down ring
in a nut shell iv noticed air flow to not be the same as it was when i first got the brush , I cant find an apparent clog i can order a brand new nozzle and hold down ring on tuesday il have it wednsday the one thing i love about the renegade series amazon prime has them and if your a member over night is like 2 or 3 dollars iol eventualy just order a couple of spares and keep ahold of them
ok so i already figured it out and on monday il order a new hol down ring and nozzle set . it was the ring even though i can see through the tiny holes and poked a .15 needle through all of them there seems to be still some restriction and yes black paint i might have damaged it slightly if i use the one from the krome it works fine as i said amazon prime is great for this reason heck i might order another krome one day cant have to many guns il just leave this post so people who might have the same problem can relate also when the air brush is wet with windex bubbles coming out frome the trigger area i wonder if the valve is leaking or is it bubbles leaking from th needle bearing i put a brand new one in with teflon tape so it should not be leaking
am not sure was is going on.but you had a leak through the teflon seal onto the trigger?and have bubbles in the cup?:upset:
no bubles coming out from were the trigger sticks out of the gun im not sure if there coming from the needle bearing or the top of the trigger iether way i can also get a new air valve if i want there not that expencive i might juts re build the whole damn thing why not its an awesome gun i also raised the trigger hight using a ball of epoxy i love it
maybe there is some paint inside or the sealing is damage.try checking both.hope this helps.:angel:
i think its just the nature of the beast with renegades i picked up the velocity and it was putting out more air thain the krome