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Just wondering if I need to be in a spray booth to use this product 4030 intercoat clear.
I've Seen a couple of videos of this product being used, and there is no mention of safety gear required.

I use createx illustration colours and wicked. and some autobourn.
They seem to mention uraphane, or uraphane like properties in a water based system, I want to be using as best I can non toxic products...
As I don't have access to a full on spray booth, I'm just using the garage to spray paint in, using a resporator baught from bunnings.
4030, is something that I probably don't need , but the guy selling the stuff seems to think its great stuff?
so my question is

1. should I not use this product, being that I don't have a full on spray booth.
2. should I not use this product if it has uraphanes in it.
3. do I really need it anyway.

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this is one of the videos talking about it..
I am not recommending you do/do not wear suitable PPE.
Here's the MSDS for the 4030. The choice is yours

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Head to Then to
Thanks something to think about.
I might try living without it for a while.
I often get suckered into stuff thinking this is the product/tool that will be a magic bullet that will make my work amazing, or make it easier in some way.
I have some and have used it indoors but with a respirator. If you are worried in any way either don't use it or because you are spraying in a garage use a respirator as a precaution. The amount of harmful stuff in it is very low so spraying in a well ventilated area like the garage and also using a respirator will be perfectly safe. Also if your still worried, wait until all vapours have dissipated in the area before you go back in.