Progress updates as promised



hey all here is the first pic of my dots as I promised 082.jpg will post some more dots & lines later today :glee:
Hi bud, nice and uniform :) have you had a look at the templates Mitch has made for us to practice on? It gets you to really work on your control and distance. They're super helpful, I've got about 30 copies of each exercise :)

looking great!!!now i will suggest that you should continue doing dots,because they are the most important exercise,practice for consistency and aiming!!!:glee:
here is an other up date but I think I got a little to ambitious lol this is the hands from the powers dvd I know I made heaps of mistakes but I had loads of fun trying this :topsy_turvy:
I think you learn best by doing, mistakes are all part of the learning process, so keep making 'em, and keep learning. That's what I keep telling myself anyway Lol.
Nice.I've got the Powers series too. It's good. Been practicing too.