Project Angry Bird Helmet



Hey guys brand new to the forums. I made a angry bird helmet I had laying around. I had many many troubles and some I think I know what I did wrong but I would like all the input possible please :)
So I started off my wet sanding with 400 then 600 grit wet sandpaper to make the helmet smooth and to remove the shine from the helmet itself so the primer would stick. Next I primed the helmet with 2 coats and I wet sanded each coat. Next I airbrushed the whole helmet (this is where I think I should of used a rattle can of red) createx wicked red all over the helmet. I did 3 coats of this with wet sanding 800 grit between coats. After that was dry for a day I used 3m purple fine line tape and did my outline of the face of the angry bird. Next I painted on the face using black, white and detailed yellow createx wicked colors. So far it looked pretty good. Next I removed the 3m tape and to my surprise since the red base paint had few days to dry was pealing off! I was freaking out so to the best I could I airbrushed some red where it came off. It looks like crap but this is my first time doing this. After I spray bombed 4 coats (no sanding inbetween) of glossy clear coat. After I got it a day to dry i used 1200 and 2000 wetordry sand paper. Now it's hazzy looking and some parts I noticed a tad bit of red came off. Now am I using the rattlecans wrong or not thick enough? I assume after the sanding of the clear coats I need to use some type of polish compound correct? Any help would be great. Here are some pics.

Hi, Wpgubaru and welcome!
Firstly, what a great looking job.
Secondly, you don't mention what type of paint ur using on what surface?
If ur using enamel on plastic you'll have to coat it with a plastic primer to get adhesion for the paint.
See your local auto shop for some ideas on this.
Or maybe some of the people here could help out. [I'm sure they will!].lmao!
Be well
Well the helmet is fibre glass, I used automotive primer not sure what kind is it, but I used acrylic createx wicked paints for the colors. Thanks for saying it's a good looking job I kinda am a perfectionist lol. If that primer is enamel would that be why the red didnt hold on? I thought it would crack or is that enamel on acrylic?
Hi Wpgubaru, welcome from the uk. Just a few thoughts I have (may or may not be correct, but sharings caring right?). You say you airbrushed the whole helmet, usually the airbrush paint is applied in small areas in very thin layers, especially if reduced. I imagine you would have had to use quite a lot to get good coverage on the helmet. Even though it was allowed to dry for some time, it may not have cured properly, and if the layers below weren't properly dry before another coat was added that wouldn't help, and that could be why tape lifted the paint. A hair dryer (or hot air gun) would help with this, and also adding a reducer like W100 or even better for tougher curing W500. There are different benefits to using each one for different things but the W500 would be good in this case. You could also have de tacked your tape by sticking it to your shirt first, although that may not have helped to stick cleanly laying out your design, it can be helpful at times. You also say your clear went hazy, does it look milky? If so it could be that the clear has bloomed, which is due to temperature or humidity. If red is coming off during sanding you have sanded through the clear in some places which is easy to do on edges or curved surfaces. If you sand the bloomed (if that's what it is) clear off, then you can re clear. Do a dust coat first, then another coat sticking rigidly to flash of times recommended between coats. This could be enough, but you can add another coat if needed, again watch the flash off time. Hope that may help.
Yeah I used almost a whole 2oz bottle next time ill just get red spray paint also I was using a retarder and createx got back to me and I tthink that's why the red came off it wasnt fully cured also what does flash mean?