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Hi everyone just wondering what quality projector resolution ect everyone uses to transfer their projects ?
I have a 3M , it's only about 60 lumens and fairly low res, but for larger pieces that's fine. It was about $100.

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Cool when you transfer your image wit the projector do you get all the detail in your transfer or do you just get the main detail? Also do you use your projector in the dark or with the lights on ? I got a projector that is 60 lumes but it doesn't pick up all the details ?
Hi Steve I use an acer k130. It cost an arm and leg but is 300 lumens and HD resolution. I have seen the smaller projectors or cheaper versions and I would say if I hadn't bought the acer that I would have thought they're great. Now I see the cheaper ones and wonder how people work with them. The acer is also perfect for home theatre projection.
Just depends your budget and what you need it for..
The difference between a cheap one and expensive one is the brightness which def helps in lighted situations and you will see pixel squares more easily in cheaper models. If it doesn't worry you however, you'll be able to work with either.

I did a review on my YouTube channel which you can find by searching for 'airbrushtutor' then 'acer k130'
Yeah the projector I have feels like I'm playing dot to dot haha. Maybe I will purchase a better quality one. The cheap one set me bak 80$ so I'm not too concerned. Thanks for the replies