Protecting painted stuff during transport?



I just came across another newbee question. I need to transport my freshly painted lures, a 40km car ride, for clear coating. How to protect them during transport? If I just leave them bouncing around in a box I suspect they will arrive all scratched up.

These are painted using createx. Any ideas welcome.
If there dry can you not just loosely wrap in bubble wrap?
Bubble wrap, of course, simple enough. My first attempt is to use tissue paper and plastic but bubble wrap sounds better.

Part of the problem is not knowing how carefull I need to be, I guess I will learn by failure.
Well, don't try paper, it leaves a furry dust on the things. I will try plastic next.

A good thing is that I discovered they are not that fargile, the solution to the dust problem was to simply rinse them of with water :)

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