Purchase a CM-C+



What is the best place to buy a CM-C+ in the US? Anyone know of any sales?
Coast Airbrush will match any advertised price. But now I think it will be the version 2
What is the story with the version 2? Worth having or find the original? I never here anything about the version 2. Couldnt find any reviews either.
I do like the trigger change and the added crown cap holder on the rear handle.
that is pretty much the only difference to it from the original.
Coast wants 534.25 for it .which is the same price as Chicago Airbrush and TCPglobal so it looks like it is just a matter of choice on which vender you want to use
or Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Iwata-CUSTOM-MICRON-AIRBRUSH-MAC-Valve/dp/B002J0NJQ6/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417961759&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=iwata airbrush Micron cm-c+ 528.95 plus free shipping but it is through TCPglobal...LOL

But David Monnig at Coast has always treated me right and has helped me a lot so that is why all my internet business goes to him on Iwata products .
OK, thanks for the input. If it was from one of the bigger online vendors then I was going to use Coast.
I'll cast my vote with Mr. Micron. I always get good service from Coast. Shipping is fast, too.

(Okay, so I also have had a good experience or three with Chicago AB also. Admittedly). :thumbsup:
What is the story with the version 2?

New trigger, VERY slightly taller than stock, larger, square pad. Needle cap holder ("needle cap dock") on end of pre-set stop at end of handpiece. New needle chucking guide with auxiliary lever attached (al la Eclipse, HP Plus lines). The first two (trigger and handpiece with needle cap dock on preset) are compatible with earlier Micron models and other Iwatas like HP series. The chucking guide, so I'm told, is not.

No other changes that I'm aware of, though.