Quastions about Mr. Color GX super clear


Young Tutorling
Hi all,

I hope this is not a repeated question / doubt.

I am used to clear my 1/24 car models with 2k clear, and no problems at all, but since I am doing a 1/43 scale car for a client, I want to use a "simple" varnish, and my choice went to Mr. color Super Clear III, since I tried it in the past on another 1/43 car and went like a charm...but not this time! It was dull and with some texture.

I used a H&S Infinity 0,2mm, on about 15 PSI, thinned 50/50, the room temperature was around 22ºC.

Any advice is welcomed! :)

Dull clear is usually a sign of moisture problems. "Texture" is usually a sign of drying before reaching the surface. Anyway you can carefully sand it down? In a 1/43 it will be a challenge.
Thanks for the help.

I stripped the body and went at it again, it turns out I was getting a lot of overspray and thats what was dulling the varnish, I tried lowering the PSI to +/- 10, and it went like a charm! It appears that "single" varnish woks better with low PSI, opposed to 2k varnish, which likes high PSI.