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Hi folks,

Yesterday I mixed a shotglas of fleshtone with much yellow, red (scarlet), and a small amount of cyan. To lighten it up i put some white in it. Looks great i think.
Now the issue, the color splitted up in dark on top and light color, even in the cup of my airbrush. I have to shake it a little bit and it s all fine again. Is that normal? Have I to arrange me with this splitting?

Looking forward to hear you soon :)
Completely normal. Some pigments will be lighter than others and tend to separate a bit over time. Did you use a reducer in your mix? I would think the reducer would help it all meld together into one color better. But it will still probably have some separation.

Thanks for the answer.

Also with reducer (homebrew with microns recipe ;) ) it seperates. But it s okay, now I know it s normal :D
If your paint sits in the bottle or the cup, just remember to shake it up ever so often , or if in the cup, you can back flush it to mix. Back flushing also ensures the bit between the cup and the nozzle gets mixed too.

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Yes,... back flushing works great for me. Also, if you find that your paint is too thick to spray properly in the cup... just add a drop or two of reducer and blow some bubbles. That will mix the paint and reducer without dumping it and mixing again... Nice, easy trick.