Question about Createx Wicked paints


plain ol Bill

I'm confused about some of the Createx products. Can someone tell me what the difference is between Wicked colors, Wicked transparent colors, Wicked Illustration colors, Wicked fluorescent and neons. I have been looking and getting more confused by the minute.
Hi Bill:)
These are fairly different ranges that you are mentioning and they are each of the 'Createx' brand, but suited for different purposes. It seems that some of these products are still sold purely because they were once invented. Here's the run down:

Createx = Regular everyday airbrush inks - this line of paints contains opaques and transparents and is quite a course pigment probably not suitable for very fine airbrushing.

Createx Auto Air = a water borne createx product, guaranteed lightfast (so it won't fade), flows quite nicely through to airbrush and a good replacement of urethane based paints (but don't expect them to flow as smoothly as urethanes). These paints definitely flow smoother than regular createx mentioned above.

Createx Wicked = A refined version of auto air. If you are interested in getting auto air, save yourself the hastle and get wicked. They're the finest range of automotive grade paints that createx sells, the performance is quite good, lightfastness is guaranteed and they're a reasonable price.

Createx illustration = The finest range of Createx paints, flow extremely nicely through even the finest of airbrush nozzles, however they won't offer a guarantee for automotive use. If you are going to be doing personal airbrush illustration work then get these, you cannot beat the detail in the Createx range. They are also lightfast.

The neons and fluorescents i think you'll find will be similar to the first category of Createx paints. I haven't used these myself..
If you want to do the same stuff i've done in the tutorials then go for the illustration paints, if you want to go for automotive finishes and can't use urethanes then the wicked range is the way to go.
Hope this helps mate.
Hey bill, wicked is opaque/semi opaque, transparent is literally that, like when you put a coloured overlay over a piece of paper but can still see the paper beneath......this is great for blending colour for example if you spray a blue base but them spray red over the top you will get purple....fluros and neons are just that.....exactly what it says on the tin kinda thing......the illustration colours are excellent, a more refined version of wicked detail if you like....easy to spray easy to erase, but a bit pricey maybe for beginners......if you have any more specific questions we would all be happy to help you along, but a good starting point is with wicked/wicked art and spectra tex are also forgiving paints for beginners use
No problem bill, obviously A.T is a little more informed than me but these are my findings, however as I say if we can be more help just let us know.....what do you intend to do with it anyhow......are you just starting out our just thinking if doing so?