question about hok candies


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being i have a garage to work in and its hot here in florida and despite getting freesdome from that monster i lived with i amstill not totaly free i syil have to live by moms rules so im in a slump so to get ouyt im thinking of ordering a small quantities kit from coast and was wondering how light fast are there candies and how bad are they going to stink up the garage after i am done and closing up at days end
The candies are pretty light fast, none of the stuff I did over the years sofar faded (they are all under a layer of 2k clearcoat ofc). Depending on the amount you are going to spray this stuff will "stink up the garage" pretty badly (and any adjecent room :)). When using this paint make sure the area you are workingin is well ventilated (and wear a good mask if you like to be able to remember your birthday in 5 years time :tickled_pink:)
if ii do abnything it wont be for a while or just small stuf i dont think mom will be to happy if i start bringing harleys around the house dont think the neighbors would like it at all iether
This is just my opinion, I wouldn't spray them in my garage, the fumes are very strong and unpleasant and linger around when done spraying. I have sprayed them at work but always in a spray booth while wearing a respirator. I can say the smell lingers after spraying even in the spray booth. The candies will fade unless cleared with a 2k clear coat. The clear has uv blockers in it. It is the clears that are dangerous and I wouldn't spray in a garage unless it has a professional spray booth. You also need a fresh air supply respirator and a spray suit if spraying 2k clears and primers. You better read all the warnings about spraying urethanes. The hok sight has a lot of info.

Now saying all that, if you have the proper set up to spray them safely you probably won't want to use other paints. They are great to airbrush with, with the right reducer you almost forget what tip dry is.

Yeah also don't buy the prereduced stuff, way to expensive. Buy the concentrated stuff and reduce it yourself.