Question about Kind of airbrush




I'm an artsit of airbrush i want to ask question about Airbrush bd-130 veda is it good ?
and can i use it to paint a motorcycles and cars ?

It would be good if you visit the introduction thread and say more about your self.
WD-130E is what i have. used it with solvent based paints and water based with no problems.The only problem i had on this brush is when i washed it in the ultrasonic cleaner an put some airbrush cleaner and the rubber o ring seal on the air valve swelled up. So now when I press the trigger it stays pressed. :(
Hi airbrush artist's. I had the same problem with my Master G444 i removed the ruber seal to clean and relube all the parts and now the trigger sticks after reinsurting the oring, very anoying. Sitni did find a fix for it ? I thought about trying out a veda in January Im still changing my mind back and forth on a decision.