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When I bought my CM-C+ I called up Coast and ordered some spare parts which included two needles. So today after getting home from a bad day (left car lights on) I went at it as usual and managed to bend my first Micron needle. Not wanting to take the time to fix it I decided to use one of the new needles. So I put some super lube on and slide it in and the first thing I notice is that this needle is way shorter then the original and then it was stuck due to the needle packing being too tight. I had to back off the packing a quarter turn to pull it back out and check it. I double checked the box thinking I might have mistakenly grabbed one of my CS needles, but no it says CM-C on the box. Has anyone else ran into this? The length really doesn't effect me but having to back off the needle packing does. I have the packing adjusted right I believe for the new needle and after two hours of spraying with the new needle there is no leaking from the packing or anything.
Hi crewcheif227 the new CM-C+ v.2 requires a "shorter" needle . They fit the older brushes and the newer brushes
Did you order you micron with the standard .23 needle set up? or the .18?
That makes sense it's for a V2 but no Mr. Micron I double checked the box and it said .23 and yes mine is a standard .23 set up. Well I guess my set up is one step closer to a V2 as I have already swapped the trigger to the square one and have V2 head on it. The only thing I'm missing on my C+ is the new set handle with the "crown cap holder" which I really don't care about and V2 down the side lol.
If you had a set of dial calipers you could find out real quick the difference in diameter of the 2 needles.
I'm sure adjusting the packing seal for different needles could become a hassle. Certainly makes you wonder about Iwata quality.

What is the V2 head?
I was kinda talking about needles in general about having to adjust packing. I am sure Iwata uses the same rod stock to cut all of it's needles but maybe they got some new stock in and some newer needles might be that thousands or so different from other needle bar stock. Just a funny hunch.
Shouldn't have to adjust at all with a new needle. Look at the rear of your needle and there should be a ring or some kind of mark indicating the size of the needle. 2 rings or marks would be .2mm, just because the box says it's a certain size, doesn't mean it couldn't possibly be miss boxed. Also you said you bent the needle. Did you take it out the front or the back? If you pulled it out the back you probably damaged the packing seal as you should always pull the needle out from the front if any damage occurs. The only other thing can be the taper on the needle itself. If the taper is longer on one then the other, then yes adjustment is required and means then that the different needles will work on different ones, bit isn't ideal in the sense that switching back and forth would require adjustment everytime. Typically once I adjust my packing, it's never touched again
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Actually Immortal I knew about damaging the packing if I pulled it out as is so what I did was tap it against the glass of my desk until it looked perfectly straight again and usable (even though I knew it wouldn't) and then pulled it out. But your thoughts on markings I will check to see if I see any and I will compare the two side by side for the taper. Thanks