Question about my Air Compressor



Hello, I just got into Air Brushing. I have the California 4610. It's a 4.6 Gallon Air Compressor. I have it running to a regulator then to my Air Brush. My question is, I notice it fills to 120 psi but, it turns on again for a fill at about 85 -90 psi. It really doesn't give a lot of time between fills while air brushing. Is there a way to turn it down so it will fill at say like 50 psi instead?. I have gone looking online and I know there is a screw to have the high pressure cut off set at a higher level but that is NOT what I want to do. I am guessing that the same screw would also set it to kick on at a lower psi but I am unsure. Any help or advice would be very thankful.
Thank you. Yes that's about the same thing I came across and I think it's what I need to do. Sorry for the silly question I just figured I would ask around :). Thank you for the help. I am going to go give it a shot and see what happens.
You may not have an adjustable pressure switch. The idea is to maintain a certain level of pressure, shorter runs from 85-120 are easier on the compressor, which means longer service life.

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That's what I have been reading but, I figured with the constant refill every 3 or 5 minutes why not try and set it so it will allow me to shoot for like 15 minutes and then run. But I tried and so far I got it to fill at 60 psi and turn off at 120 psi. I guess IF I ever need more air I can always add a second big air tank :)