Question About Water based paint




I want to ask about the water based paint can i use it on motorcycles or cars and is it the same quality with the Solvent ?
If you mean waterbased airbrush paint I would say it is safe to use on almost anything and as far as I know they all can be cleared as solvent based.I have allways used solvent based paint in the past but switching to waterbased now becuase,even with a spraymask, the solvents get in your body and I had numerous times I felt really sick after painting.though I must admit I haven't quite find the right paint yet,most of the waterbased paint manufactures claim it flows as well as solvent based I don't agree but this is just my opinion.hope this helps.
Yes, the automotive waterborne paints will work just as well as a solvent-based paint. A lot of people seem to have trouble adapting to waterborne from solvents, but it really isn't difficult at all, just different. For basecoats, especially, I actually prefer the waterbornes. They tend to have a much higher pigment load than solvent-based paints, and cover a lot faster. I use either Matrix Aqualution or PPG Envirobase. Both are pretty similar, and both have worked well for me.
Another thing to think about is the fact that more than likly we wont have a choice.. If some have there way there will be no more solvent based paints.. all paint has its ups and downs,and personally I am happy I switched to the waterborne Oh yeh also there is no time clock running between coats with water either
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