The airbrush has a hole on each side - that piece in there that the needle passes through it's gunked up.How do I get it out does it matter if paint in there. Thanks everyone!!!!
Do you mean the needle chuck? Maybe a pic would be good to see exactly where the gunk is, and best advise how to clean. I would clean it out, just to keep everything moving nice and smoothly. But if the paint is getting in there it may mean that your needle packing screw/seal isn't working. Could need a tighten up.
Probably your needle packing, if the body has a whole through it, just spray water to rinse it out, if it comes back tighten the nut a bit. Not too much though. Usually has cutouts to put a small flat blade screwdriver in . Only turn like 1/16-1/8 turn max.
well tell us what airbrush?
On a micron you will see little slits so you can tighten the needle bearing without removing the handle
But you should be able to take the handle off and clean it.
Oh an pics help:D
Yes you guys are all right.The thing I'm talking about has slits.Cool just stick something flat in.So I know for future is that normal to have a little paint gunked up there. Thank you very much!
Not normal. Unless it's a B series. Which has no lid. I skinned paint down there with mine until I found a suitable rubber cover. If not a B, and you don't pull the needle out with paint in the cup, then it's leaking by and is not normal. Then you want to tighten is slightly. Turn very little then check the trigger/needle action, if it's hard to move or slow to return it's too tight.
not a micron its a knock off if i remember from jareds previous posts