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Hello, I have a airbrush (Badger 105) that I use to primer and give first shadows and lights to minis, I want to do more things like paint shirts and stuff like that.
I have the following questions:

- Should I buy stencils?? I have seen stencils of hexagons, cammo and its seems interesting to give textures, are they practical? If yes, which are the best ones?

- Paints, I have Vallejo and GW paints from my miniatures so I stick with the acrylics ones, I have seen that in airbrush world a lot of people use Wicked Colour and House of Color, are they good??
With my paints, to dilute them, I use Windex (glass cleaner), can I use it with that paints?

- Should I buy a mask?

- For lettering and stencils from images should I use masking film?? What's the purpose of this material?
Even with the paint you are using you should always mask up .
For painting t-shirt Wicked or just the standard Createx will work well . I will never suggest using windex as a reducer it has other things that just should not be mixed in any paint . Always use the recommended reducer that the MFG makes for their paint.
Stencils well they are just another tool to make production work faster. Some use them some do not.
House of Kolor is an automotive paint and you would need a filtered spray booth to protect yourself and others from harmful fumes.
As far as what stencils to buy that is up to you and your budget , I have a few stencils I bought when I first started out but hardly use any of them unless I have 500 skulls to paint on something lol
But you can make your own stencil using mylar , 10 point card stock or even just plain old paper .
The airbrush you have should work well for painting t-shirts .

Hope this answers your question , Not knowing where on this big old planet you hail from and all kind of only lets me give you a general answer.
hard to suggest places to buy things local if we have not clue where local is :D
Thanks for your answers, I'm from Spain
And about the pre-cut stencils I'm thinking about textures only (no skulls and something like that)
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