Quick question about painting on a satin necktie



My employer's holiday party is tomorrow night, and I had an idea to make a colorful necktie with the company logo to wear. Time is short, but I buzzed to a store and picked up the only white necktie they had. It's really nice and was on sale for a great price, but it's a very smooth satin fabric.

I'm wondering what kind of pain I'm opening myself up for when I try to paint this tomorrow. I'm not very experience with fabrics other than standard t-shirts. With a t-shirt I would crank the air up and get the paint as deep into the fabric as possible. With this tie, that seems like it would be a very wrong strategy, that it would splat instead. Is it safe to say I want to turn the air way down instead?

Or... Should I be shopping to see if I can find a linen fabric white tie instead? Someone said I might find such at thing at the Michael's Craft store that is actually intended to be painted on.

The painting won't be anything too fancy. Just some gradated colors I think and then a stencil with the company logo in blue and black on top of that. Any advice is appreciated!
Mabe go and buy a spare as it was on sale and experiment on it. I would worry about the paint wicking, so would try to reduce as little as possible, other than that, I'm no help I'm afraid. But would be interested to find out how you do it, so an update would be very welcome. Thanks.