Quick, simple holder for Paasche H


Young Tutorling
I wanted to share a holder design for my new Paasche H. I started out trying to make something fancy, with a retention clip, etc., then realized sometimes simple is better. A lot of the ideas I've seen here are really good, but many of them don't seem to account for tension on the air hose. Caveat: this is NOT intended to be fancy, polished, etc. (although one could do that); it is simply a working stand. All you need is some cheap 3/4" wood and a short section of 1/4" dowel rod. (I did bury a bit of lead in the bottom of the horizontal base for ballast, although it really didn't seem to need it.)

This isn't the coolest or fanciest design, but if someone is just starting out and needing a cheap way to hold your airbrush, I thought it might help them.

That's brilliant!
What do you mean it is not polished/fancy? Let me show you the coffee maker I made for the Boy Scout troop:

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-31 at 12.39.38 PM (1).jpg
Probably my biggest contribution to society and almost got me canonized as the patron saint of outdoor coffee drinkers :)
WhatsApp Image 2023-12-31 at 12.39.38 PMb.jpg