Quick tip.


Gravity Guru
A little something I learned and wanted to share with my fellow newbies out there. If you're looking for a good tape to hold up the paper you're working on use FROG TAPE. I've reused several pieces and it holds the paper well and doesn't grab the paper when ya want to pull it off.
I have tried the Frog Tape, and the low tack Painter's Tape, and both tear my paper but maybe it's my "cheap" paper lol. The best thing I have used is like a drafting tape, they still make it but hard to find. It is like a heavy paper with a low tack and it is absolutely great. I will post the #'s when I find it again.
Oh boy I get to go frog gigging and then make tape out of them....:D I like frog gigging , Hmm think I will save the legs for frying

Thanks for the tip .
Well it works good for me so I thought I'd share. I use standard printer paper cuz I'm still working on fundamentals and doodling so to speak.
I like the yellow delicate frog tape. Works great for borders.

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