Double Actioner
I have a quickconnector on my iwata that i bought at spraypal.com
this one - SPRAYPAL QUICK JOINT and PRESSURE ADJUST VALVE and now to the problem
i got one badger quick male on my krome and that one won't seal properly in the spraypal female.

is the size on the quick connectors not standard or is my badger quick faulty?

it workes ok but if i press a little on the side of the connector air comes out between male and female
I have used 2 types of MAC valve QDs. One is the same no-name brand as you link and the other is the Sparmax with the black dial. the Sparmax ones doe not even come with any male bits. Anyway, I have no-name Iwata, Badger and Aztek male connectors and they all seal 100% in both. But I found that the no-name female one, did not want to disengage completely after a while and left the male bit have in and half out and this would cause a leak. Not a single hassle with the Sparmax ones.
Ok then i guess i will get another female. to bad thats the expensive part :)
i like to have the valve boring to walk to the other room for pressure adjustments