Rainy State say HI



Hello from the rainy state of Washington. Here in Washington don't tan we rust. That's not the state motto but it should be.

I have 2 airbrushes currently. The first is the Testors, Aztek Deluxe Resin Airbrush Set. I got that many years ago from the hubby for a Christmas present. I attempted to learn how to airbrush with it but never figured any of it out. Last year I was in the middle of a project and it completely fell apart so I ran to the craft like store near by and picked up the Iwata - Neo to finish the job. Bad habits, yes I'm sure I have them all from self teaching.

Just in the last couple months I have decided I'm going to give this airbrush thing another try (and this time get some help). In my hunt for help of all kinds is how I stumbled upon you guys and this great website. I swear any more dots and I'm going to have nightmares of them. I got a few more days before I can move on to lines.

Kul (who can't spell and talks to herself)
Hello back from Washington! Welcome and theres plenty here to help you out if needed! And you are right, that should be our motto lol!
Welcome to the site!!! Airbrushing is a love hate relationship....lol. It's always a work in progress. Sucks one day but the good days always make up for it. Great to have you here and your friends list is more global than you realize. Wealth of knowledge on here and a very friendly group. Enjoy!
Big welcome from me here in the Uk Kul, your in the best place with the here jolly little forum:). Ask away, use the search engine and we will help as much as poss..and spread the love !!
Hello Kul. I'm in Washington as well. I think there are a lot of us because we need something to do when it's raining! I think you will get the help you need here! It seems like a great site!:satellite:
Welcome Kul from Tennessee! You have found the place to be :)

No I am not a poet..... It just came out, lol!

Hi Kul, welcome to the site, and great to have another girl here. There are quite a few of us, but the more the merrier! I too struggled trying to learn by myself, until I finally saw the light (or admitted that I couldn't do it by myself LOL), and looked on the web. There is loads of stuff to help here, and many generous, talented artists happy to share and to help out! If you have questions try a search, as many have the same issues, and you might find the answer you need, if not don't be afraid to ask. Hope to see some of your work soon, post it good or bad, the constructive criticism, (no trolls on this site!!) and encouragement will bring you on in leaps and bounds, and it's easier to advise if people can see what you've done. Good luck!
Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Sorry I've not been on much if at all since I posted. I've run into alot of busy here at home and sadly I've not gotten to break out my airbrush in a couple weeks. Hope to get back at it soon. Once I do something other than dots and lines I'll attempt to post some work.