Rate my homework :P



i dont know if this is the right place or if it goes into "work in progress" but here it is (feel free to move it to proper place if need be)

i am starting to practice dager stroke a litle . trying is a better word but here is a sample and i just wanted a rating like 0/10 to 10/10 (10 being the best)

format of pages is letter so not too big.

ps : i need to rewatch mitch's(?) video tutorial and also do daniel power's exercises ... ( yes i bought and watched them. well watched series 1 series 2 a litle... )
aside from raising hell in the class room and not raising your hand... great work pupil... you have it down.. great job keep it up
yeah i can't say im really the teacher's favorite.
here is my second attempt at "the eye" didn't really use the ref pic only placed it under to make the top arch and then "scribled"/freehanded my way to this . if you are wondering about the first attempt ... it gotten itself lost ... in the garbage can :p

Hey matey nice attempt there buddy your doing great.... my advice for the moment is dont try to run before you can walk. .. you had a good go at the daggers but remember to practice the simple things also... try pulling some nice soft straight and curved lines from different distances. .. slow right down building them up gradually going easy on the trigger..... practice your dots of different sizes and saturation. Then when you do the eye again or your next piece of art work slowly and paint what you see... Doing great.... enjoy yourself
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My dog ate my homework, I agree with ad fez, take the time to practice the simpler things.
I guarantee we all still do pages of dagger strokes!. Another good thing to practice is a dot within a circle trying to keep them all even in size. Across the page, side by side.
For your homework 6/10, line control is improving.:joyous: