Ratio for thin lines...



Hi guys,
I've taken a lot of the advice from the big wigs on this Forum (Mr Micron and many others) for my thin lines.
Just to bring you up to speed, I wanted to let you know what I adjusted.

1. My paints are now "Wicked" Createx for my .3mm brush. I use the other Airbrush Colors for my 5.mm brush.

2. Clean the living sparkles into my airbrush with non-amonia, have made home-made-reducer and getting it just right comparing to the "Wicked" Reducer

So this past weekend I practiced on small canvas to get a feel for thin lines. This is my following experience.

I diluted my colors to better achieve thinner lines. My ratios were per drop. About 3-4 drops reducer per drop of color. So 4:1. It was ok. What would you suggest?

Steady hand. I mean, "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat" ( **use high pitched voice** ) was my reaction to how bad the steadiness of my hand was. Think is I pride myself on my lines, using pencil or pen that it. I felt like a 4th grader with a crayola trying to stay inside the lines with my airbrush. So instead i kept my pens protective tip draggin the canvas so I could have drag & feedback. I"ve not seen anyone do this and it seems amatuer, so slowly I started drifting away to get a better controll but letting my thumb feel the canvas. Suggestions?

Thanks guys.
Is that reduction working for you? Also it would help to know the psi you are shooting at. I am always touching the canvas on small lines to help steady my hand but you hav to keep it fluid in motion or you end up with small dots instead of a line...trust me, I do it all the time. Last night I was using a 15:1 reduction for Createx Illustration and 5psi. The lines are small in close but I still have trouble with staying steady.
Steady the one hand with the other. Use your little fingers against the surface to help keep distance and steady your hands.
Doh, thats what i forgot. I'm working around the 5-10psi. Thanks Ranger and Andreza.
try making some exercises before making the lines,that is practice the movements before actually working,without pressure and paint,so you wont be making a lot of mistakes:angel:!!!
Steady hands.. avoid too much coffee, doesn't help when your hands already shaking:lemo:. I also use a finger on the surface, to steady my hand but try to keep it on masked areas whenever possible. I don't know if the oil from my fingers affect the paint (spectra), so I try to avoid it when I can.
You could always stick a little tape to your "draggin" finger to stop the oil from your skin going on the artwork. just a little tip :)

Many things are mentioned above, just my 5 cents
i use illustration colours with the 4012 reducer with my infinity and 0.15 setup

reducing: basemix 1:10 (paint:reducer) and will reduce that even further in as I go along. The air pressure is as low it can be just to get some paint out.

For steadying my hand I use my other and from that the pinky on the surface.(hope it's clear ;))

and don't do to many beers, doesn't help, trust me :)