Hey Guys,
Just getting back into airbrushing after a 6 yr break,
some great and informative threads here, hopefully i'll be able to get my brushes sorted and post up some pic's for you all.
I have an Iwata CM SB and a Iwata Hp-B, Having a few problems getting the paint to flow smoothly at the moment.
Welcome Adam. I too am getting back into airbrush after a 30 year break. I'm loving it. The internet has opened untold resources for artists of all persuasions. IMHO This forum right here is one of the best sources of inspiration and info currently available.
Welcome jack. One of my first issues was with my paint. Mr micron helped a great deal. From filtering the bottles to reductions and air pressure changes. Everyone here is a great resource so don't be afraid to ask questions. Have fun and be patient!
Thank you for the very warm welcome.
I'm slowly making progress on the paint flow. I have been using magicolur paint, but have ordered some wicked detail paint and reducer to see how I get on with that, moisture in my airline has been a bit of a problem as well, so i've given my larger compressor a bit of a service as that has a trap on it, so fingers crossed I should be in business over the weekend :))
Sorry so late but welcome to the forum. I can't wait to see some of your work!! You need anything, just ask the question on here and the answers just fly in!! It's like having your own personal genie(s)!!!