Really Basic but really newbie question :)



I 'm looking for this magical substance that let you paint about almost anything.

How do you paint on slippery things like canvas (It kind of slippery compere to a wall or a illustration board), computer case or a laptop....
Is it something that you can buy only in airbrush stores? I prefer something more accessible like DIY or paint stores
regarding canvas - I prefer coating it with "this substance" and be able to paint on it than buying special colors.
I really don't know what is primer, base, sealer...How do they work....
I will appreciate any adivce
snufkin you have basically asked a few questions that books could be written about. what kind of canvass are you talking about? tent canvass, parachute canvass backpack canvass?
on some materials you wont even need a base coat or primer. I would suggest very strongly pouring through this awesome site for some of you answers, while I will try in my limited experience to answer you with what I know.

Wicked paints will give you the most joy on most surfaces. If the surface is prepped properly you cant go wrong with wicked, but it can be finicky for some people.

you could get away with just scuffing the computer case and going straight on with wicked paints, but that might also depend on if the base colour is what you want. A base coat can be a good idea though.

the plastic laptop surface is a different matter - definitely a base coat or whats called a adhesion promoter. I have used rustoleum 2 in 1 primer with good success on welding helmet.

hope this helps
There's also this stuff called Bulldog adhesion promotor that works super well. Some auto part stores haz it.

Lines n Dotz, Lines n Dotz!!!