Receive my Badger krome...


Air-Valve Autobot!
airbrush came a few days ago so I'm working with what i have for paint(e-tac, air, Jacquard and createx paints)all the paints sprayed very well thru the krome,also had tip dry some but not as bad as I would have expected also cleaning out the paint cup was fast, just a little water and a clean paint brush swiped around the bowl.The trigger was a little stiff but was smooth feeling and the krome started to spray paint just as soon as you started pulling back with no lag time that I could tell. For the price of this airbrush (123.00 dollars U.S. from coast airbrush) I would highly recmmend it Both as a starter brush and a brush to add as an upgrade for small detail work! Hope this help someone out.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
Yep, It's a great airbrush, especially for the price. Even though I sold mine, I will say it is still probably the best bang for the buck out there.
I love my Krome and it certainly helped me improve my paintings, I was suddenly able to achieve much finer detail and had more control over the AB.

Spares are also easy to get hold of and Badger are very helpful.

Have fun :)
I love my Krome! Its my crack lol!! My baby needs to go in for repair...stupid ass universal quick release sucks butt, and it fell to the ground (concrete garage floor). She still paints, but one of the prongs broke. I can order a new cap, but rather send her in for an over haul:D
I like the Krome , For the price it is a great detail brush and as you stated easy to clean .
Plus Ken is a great guy to deal with too.