recommend an air compressor



hi everyone

i watched several of the videos on here and youtube amazing work.

now i'm no artist by any stretch of the imagination so i'm at complete beginner level,all i would ask is someone to recommend a compressor i could buy for use entirely at home from ebay etc.

I'm hoping to spend no more than £100 for a compressor to use solely at home but ideally i would like one that is capable
and also quiet if possible.

i plan to buy iwata double action airbrush to go with the compressor.

i will be doing small projects to start off and hopefully develop from there.

if anyone can post a link etc that would be great.i thought it would be better to ask advice before buying useless products.
hey brother, I know a bit about brushes but not very much about compressors, I just have a cheap crap thing, but looking at either upgrading or making my own.someone will be along son to help you though.....welcome to the forum buy the way!

thanks fez

i would rather seek advice from people with the knowledge rather than buy something that is useless.
hopefully someone will provide some good info for a noob starting off.
as I say I have only got a crap direct jet, ebay special, direct jet means it has no tank and compresses air as it goes, its ok but I do need to upgrade...but good for starting out.
if you are serious about this you definitely want one with a tank, regulator and moisture trap, also gerty an in cue moisture trap to place at the brush end of your hose..thats my 2 cents worth anyhow...until the cavalry arrive you are on your out!
thanks fez

i would rather seek advice from people with the knowledge rather than buy something that is useless.
hopefully someone will provide some good info for a noob starting off.
alot of the guys on here no a great deal about can pay £300 plus for a nice silent one, but you should be able to gerty something decent for the money you are gonna be painting in the home or in garage our something
yeah i will be painting at home so the compressor/tank doesn't need to be small or mobile i have a room set up for it.
i'm only starting off as i said at beginner stage,but i would prefer to start off with equipment that will work.
haha, it all works brother, I started with starter set off ebay, the 2 silver non branded brushes and compressor for about 80 quid, brushes are now broke..compressor going strong still.upgraded brush to a badger renegade velocity...its a lovely brush once you have modified it a bit....compressor not to loud but runs whenever you press trigger (not ideal) I take it you are uk based..I'm sure by this time tomorrow you wil have plenty of suggestions for a reasonable compressor
yes im in the uk I look forward to some advice and replies tomorrow.
if anyone can find the time could they please recommend an air compressor for me which i could purchase on ebay etc upto £100

im in United Kingdom if that helps.

any advice be great thanks.
did you click on that link above, got some names of compressors recommended, you can then search that brand
did you click on that link above, got some names of compressors recommended, you can then search that brand

yeah i checked out bambi compressor over £300 eurotec i couldnt find any on ebay and silent air way too expensive looking too spend about £100
Hi there, i just had a quick look at Ebay UK and those would be 2 compressors in your price range. They are not the best, but you can´t get anything much better for around 100 pounds.
The first one has a single cylinder engine and at least a tank, you can also get them cheaper without a tank but i would not recommend them at all.
Mini Airbrush Compressor With Tank AS186 (Oil-free) | eBay
The 2nd one is about the same but has a 2 cylinder engine, it will be louder but also delivers more air and fills the tank quicker.

Hope this helps
The one from your link and the single cylinder one that i posted should be about the same i guess, dont think there is much different´s between them.
I think the 2 single cylinder one´s get alot warmer then the double cylinder one since they take longer time to fill up the tank. I started out with such a
small single one and attached a tank myself since mine was one without tank, it was doing ok but it was really running hot after sometime. All 3 of them
wont be super quiet but by far not as loud as a big compressor you use for tools in the garage.
Hi pic what ever you do your best bet would be to find one that has a tank so that the motor isn't running all the time like the ones with out a tank.
They showed this one starting a $99.00 this is through ebay but if you check them out you may get lucky to find one cheaper. Hope this help.
I had one of those no-name brand single piston motors on a tank and I was not impressed. I could only get about a constant 27psi and it would overheat after 45 minutes. Had to wait 30 minutes for it to cool down before I could continue. Maybe it is good when you know what you are doing and will not paint that long. But when you start out and you are practicing dagger strokes and line for hours, it does not do the job.
California air compressors they their ultra ultra quiet... 1 gallon cost bout 100 dollars and some change and its silent silent silent

also senco is pretty good to
I don't know of anything I would recommend for that price, but if you look around for second hand ones, look for Clarke (machine mart sell them, I have one and it works great, but is loud enough to wake the dead, so not recommended if you're working indoors.) or Bambi (they do the whisper kind). If you buy used, make sure it has a storage tank, uses oil (you won't be able to use it long without it getting real hot otherwise), and make sure it includes a pressure release valve (anti explosive device) and extras like a regulator, hoses and water filter, otherwise if you find a "bargain" it won't look so good by the time you've added those costs on. You're probably going to need a connector for whatever brush you choose also.