Recommended compressor for varnishing?



Hi, I was thinking to hit two birds with one stone and get a compressor that I can use for both painting and varnishing. I was thinking of getting the BAMBI compressor like the one shown in the tut vid. Would that be powerful enough for the job?

However, I can't guarantee I will be able to get that compressor, so does anyone know what kind of CFM & PSI is needed for varnishing? I was thinking of using a MSA varnish and a spray gun such as this one:

While I'm at it, I may as well ask if you guys think that spray gun is suitable for varnishing?

Thanks alot for your help,
Maybe @Immortal Concepts , can suggest something for you. Welcome aboard by the way. A little more info would be helpful also, such as, where you are from? What are you needing to "varnish"?
I would recommend a larger compressor, with a 30 gallon tank capacity a standard HVLP gun will use too much air for a small compressor .
Yeah... I kind of wanted something somewhat portable... 30gal is over 100 litres! That's definitely to big for me. I was planning on getting the 1gal version of the BAMBI. I also wanted it for its silence.

It wouldn't be possible to add just a single thin coat of varnish to one painting with 1 gal?

If 1 gal is definitely not enough I would be willing to go a little bigger, like the 24litre version, but I doubt I'd go bigger than that.

And anyway, can't the compressor just work in real-time if the tank runs out? Or is it not powerful enough?
Are you just wanting to put a protective varnish on your paintings(canvas/illustration board)?
I just use Liquitex Satin Varnish to protect my painting, I just spray a few light coats over the painting with my Badger Patriot or H&S Colani.
I have an Iwata Power Jet with a .9 Gallon tank and it works for me. If you are talking about 2K Urethane clear coat, then you will need a larger compressor and HVLP gun as mentioned above.