red sea crossing painting

Guess I'm not understanding your question. Are you looking for design ideas or actual painting tips? For design, I would go to google and look for other paintings of the red sea crossing and see if that gives you any inspiration.

As for painting tips, if you can let us know what you are trying to do within the painting, we'll be able to help you with some suggestions and ideas.
Tips are what I'm asking the design is done with the exception of the people crossing on dry land. I can't figure out how to do that. I have not seen one airbrushed all are done with paint brush I think. I'll upload a pic later today
Are any of these close to what you would like to do?

crossing_of_red_sea___pastels_by_pawlis-d4b3hsp.jpgmoses_and_the_sea_by_firelusion-d5114of.jpgmoses-red-seamoses-at-the-red-sea-painting-by-vladimir-bibikov---moses-at-the-rw7b30k9.jpgred sea.jpgTime-and-Tide-Wait-For-No-Man.jpg
here is a pic of what im doing its fuzzy do to resizing to 1.5mIMG_20131012_194547[1].jpg
Ok, well... I guess the question is, how comfortable are you with getting super fine detail out of your airbrush? The size you're doing this, it would be difficult for me to do them all freehand, but then, I'm not at that amazing detail level yet. So, for me, I would probably cut out my own stencils to lay down a layer of white in the correct shape, and then I'd go in with the hand shields and use those to help get some of the details.

There are other people on here who can nail those tiny details much better than I can, so they might be able to help you a little more than I can.
All that you can do is paint what you see. As in seeing the peeps as shapes As 4ever say's it is a bit of a tough one Its only paint go for it
You can try printing out a second copy of your reference pic and cut out the basic shapes of the people(paper stencil), use the first reference pic as a color ref.
Thats quite a challenging piece and I wish you luck. Look forward to seeing it finished.