reducing Daler and Rowney paint


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It is very easy for me to get Daler Rowney FW ink locally, they seem to spray/flow as well if not better than my ComArt, does anyone know a reducer I could use ?
It's a very underrated paint. Very solid colours. Used it many years back and still use some of their colours.

Anyway, just use water to thin. But needs something a bit stronger to clean like model acrylic thinners or airbrush cleaner.
didnt even know that they do paint also :) only think I have form D&R are A3 papers 300gsm :)
Agree with Andre, very underrated, not cheap but very good colours and they spray beautifully. Found some that were 12 years old and they were still as good as new!! The 'Ella' portrait in my gallery was done with FW Sepia just recently, they also erase quite well. The other good thing with these paints is they use a pipet, so if you haven't watered it down or mixed and thing in it, you can use the pipet to take it out of your AB and put it straight back in the bottle!!
The FW ink is great, it's what I started out with, and still use for painting on paper from time to time, and just reduced with water. I have painted the bike tank below with it, but it is wall mounted in a bar so no bright lights, wouldn't recommend for anything that needs lightfast colour, as not too sure how it would hold up.
(Please ignore the dodgy clear, I hadn't been ABing long when I did this, it came good with a bit of a polish LOL)
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Thanks all.. it seems D&R have also increased the range of the FW inks as well, I really like the eye dropper in the lid.. It sya on thier website these inks will flow though 0.18 enginner ink pens so must have very fine pigment. The white seems way better than my ComArt, will now have a go at thinning with water.