Regular acrylic paint



Hi All,
just trying to pick your brains if poss!

I have quite a fair bit of acrylic paint regular artist stuff for use with good old regular brushes, can i just water this down and use it in my airbrush or use the reducer i have with it?

i have tons of colours and would save me alot of time if this is possible?!

cheers in advance

You can use it of you thin it enough, if it wasn't made for airbrushing don't use reducer, simply use water, tip dry will be more of a problem and if you understand that you will spend more time cleaning, you shouldn't have a problem.

One word of warning, check out all the paints you have, if any of these are the Gel type, DO NOT USE, these are intended to create a caked on oil effect on canvas, even after thinning, within seconds it returns to a gel, so please do be careful.

If you do use these paints, use your biggest tip size, I would imagine that this will be your Neo.

Just to again clarify the point, don't waste your reducer on anything other than genuine airbrush paints.

Good luck with it, with your talent, I'm sure you could create a masterpiece out of dog turd, so this should't be a problem.
I don't have an airbrush yet, but had a few questions. Can I use the regular handcraft acrylic paints? Will I be able to thin them with water only? I will need it for painting scale models of aircraft.
Yup..I use whatever I can get me hands on..You can also add a Flow Medium..I know "Jo Sonya's" brand works OK.. Use a touch of that, some water to reduce and then strain the stuff to be sure ya got a good mix...Ya can also add a touch of glycerin if tip dry is an issue as mentioned because it may dry out quickly on the tip..Wldn't garantee the finish on plastic scaled models though, good prep may be the key to helping it stick...