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I had started out using the regulator on my compressor, my compressor is just a little self contained husky unit and the regulator is not designed for fine work obviously. I bought a regulator at Harbour freight but it is all over the place and will not even register the guage below 20psi. What is a decent cheap regulator that will allow me more precise control as it stands now I am all over the map with pressures and that is not helpful at all. Then I will worry over a high quality airbrush next.
Get an in line MAC valve, set your compressor reg at about 30-35 psi, and adjust the mac by feel. My reg is set for 50 and I make my adjustments with mu mac valves. I chose 50 because that pretty much the max I will even need.

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Your local hardware shld have a few options..A mac valve is fine but I like to know what I'm actually running in case I want to replicate it..GL
Yeah I really would like to actually know what im running... I had considered an in line mac valve and I likely will do that eventually, i just think it brings in a little more complexity.
Harbor freight regulators are not the greatest but I run 5 of them with no problems.. Did you hook it up with the airflow going in the direction of the arrow on the unit? I found out the hard way that it makes a difference a loooooong time ago. also if you have the room you can put the compressor as far away as possible and run the regulator (I like the smaller one with a water separator and mount)next to your work station This works well for 2 reasons #1 is obviously noise but#2 is that you run your air further in a separate hose cooling the air so that the moisture trap actually works
yeah im running 15 feet from my compressor to my secondary regulator. Yes it is hooked up correct. I think I will try the one with the water trap, sad to admit ive never run a moisture trap. I wish they sold their station seperatly without the 6 airbrushes 6 brush holder with a regulator built in I almost bought it for the hoses regulator and cool 6 brush stand when it was 80 bucks. I could toss the 6 airbrushes for that price.
A mac valve is fine but I like to know what I'm actually running in case I want to replicate it..GL

When your paint is a week older then before, the characteristics has changed and you need to adjust according to. Eventually adjust according to sound.
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