Remove milky appearance in clear coat.



Hi, just thought i would pass on this tip for anyone needing it. Have you ever had your clear coat going a milky
appearance from spraying in high humidity, which of course should not be done. Sometimes it will go away by

itself. However, i have found that if it still there, and while the clear coat is still green, put some straight

thinners in your gun and spray a light mist coating over it. Nine times out of ten it will re-activate it and turn

back to clear. It has worked for me in the past. Unfortunately, if it stays there , it stuffs up all your good work.
That is a good tip , I have heard it before but have yet had to try it.
Ditto Herb. We are not often in danger of having high humidity in England, but it's always good to have these kind of tips floating aroind in the brain cell.
I found that out through experience. Also if you have access to a heater of any kind , you can warm up the area in which you intend to spray. MAKE

SURE heater is turned off before spraying unless it is just an oil heater or similar. Don`t want an singed eyelashes do we, or worse. I have just sprayed

a helmet in 63% humidity, and i just got away with it. Normally would not do that, but was getting sick of waiting for weather to clear up. Had to use

the technique i described just a little bit. A really experienced spray painter passed that tip onto me many moons ago.