Removing Tape Marks



Hi everyone.
I dunno if this is original or not but I hit on this idea to remove masking tape marks!
We all had tape touch it's self at the awkward moment while masking and know what a bugger it is to separate!
Well, I had some tape marks on a job I'm doing and it's gem sapphire over black ..... so a non destructive method was needed to remove the marks!
Ping!!!! The light bulb came on!!!!! I took some fresh tape, wrapped it around my fingers (backwards, sticky side out) and dabbed at the marks.
OK, I had to dab a few times but the glue on the tape sticks to the glue which the marks are!

Worked for me so I thought it worth sharing :)
Tape Mark 1.jpg Tape mark 2.jpg Both of these picture show the marks left by the masking tape.

Masking tape 1.jpg Wrap new masking tape around your fingers so the sticky side is out.

Masking tape 2.jpg Dab over the tape mark until it is pulled off by the new tape. Simply move to a new place on the new tape when the stickiness weakens. (NOTE: Make sure you don't mark the paint with your thumb nail .... I learned that the hard way !)

After.jpg There you go! tape mark gone :)

Hope this helps someone :)
Good move - wonder if tat works with residue left over form frisket as well... inquiring minds need to know... experiment time!
I have had probs in the past with glue left behind from masking film but no more. Two things you can do. The only thing that will remove the glue safely and not damage your paint is eucalyptus spray. It removes glue easily and then evaporates. It does not harm your paint and does not leave any residue behind , as it evaporates completely. The 100 % foolproof method is to lightly spray a few coats of automotive clear coat before masking. The masking film glue will not stay behind when you remove it. Works for me .