renegade krome or mojo



Hello friends im new to this site,i have a question for anybody that could help me out. Im looking to get a new airbrush but i need some help its between the renegade krome or the mojo III. As far as quality and decent detail. Thank you all
I look at it like this on the Krome I can order parts and have them fast. They are standard for the Krome and not each piece being hand polished by one person(Mike Learn)
Mike does put some time in on them but I worry about parts and getting them fast .
So for the money I would pick the Krome...
Don't own a mojo, but do have a Krome. I would definitely recommend it. Price, customer service, performance. it's an all around great airbrush.
Interested to hear if anyone here owns a Mojo, this is the first time I've heard of it. They look nice.
there is a guy that owns a mojo iii here but i don´t remember his name,its in his signature.though i made my decision and bought the spare parts for the mojo iii and when i get them i´ll be posting a review.i bought,and waiting like a little kid for christmas,for the complete front replacement and the spare needle and tip.also i´ll be buying a hi-line cb for detail,got tired of not having my infinity and just the you can see am buying so i can customize my talon into a better gun for detail.

between krome and mojo,i made a thread here just gllamas,but between the mojo ii and mojo iii,so i asked about between the both which one to a lot stuff came about some said that the mojo III,since that is what you are interested,most people said that the mojo was a little bit too unresponsive and that it may have come a little too early,so they say that the talona is far more responsive,something i can say is completely true.also that the spring was a little too hard when pulling the trigger.but also some others said that it was the best gun they had in there hands for detail.

you must understand that most detail guns fail when put to spray big areas,but that is the nature of the beast a detail gun falls a little in the big areas and the working horses fail in the deatil department.

in the case of the krome jagarnd told me that no longer uses his hi-line and basically uses the krome,so if you have seen jagarnd work you can see that the krome is damn good gun(also that he is good airbrusher indeed).but the main problem is that is very hard to get now days,so you buy it lets say from chicago airbrush and you have to wait for a couple of weeks to say the least.

so i´ll recommend you to read my thread mojo or no mojo in the airbrushes section

hope this helps!!!
As much as I love Mike Learn's work and skill and respect him greatly, I have to say from experience that I would choose the Chrome. Unlike other versions of the Mojo the MkIII was not ready in my opinion.

i have to say to krome there extra needleand its cheap and really good brush i love mine i dont have mojo but have one krome and two velocity and really love them