renegade needle markings ???


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So last week i ordered some new parts for my renegade krome. and i fgot a bit confused and thought i lost the new needle . now everyone here who has a bunch of airbrushes knows that different brands have different markings for heavy fine and super fine and the two needles i had in my paws were a single ring (renegade super fine ) and a needle with two bevels ground in on opposite sides. I thought that was an infinity thing because the .4 nfinity has one bevel and the .15 has i thought i had the wrong needle in the krome all along so i went out and wasted more money last night getting another needle so i can make sure i had an actual brand new needle in my krome right makes sense anyway anybody want to clarify this for me i would appreciate it is the renegade super fine needle marked with a ring or two bevels
its not actualy wasted money i amm happy to have an extra needleneedles4.jpgneedles1.jpgneedles2.jpgneedles3.jpgthe first shot is a badly damaged .15 infinity along a les thain perfect micron .18 much heavier to show why i love the micron a much stronger ferret prof needle. the next is two renegade ultra fine needles??? the second and third i was trying to show the damage to my micron nozzle but i cant seem to capture it that well looks fine in the picture its only slightly damaged there is a wee fracture some where in there but i stil get super fine micron lines
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